Divorce Certificate Attestation Service in India

Marriage and Divorce are two ironies in social lives; and both need to get legally approved by a competent authority. This legalisation is usually done by issuing a relevant certificate in the name of the spouse permitting them either to stay together or instructing them for parting.

You might be aware of the significance of document attestation services in today’s world. Be it a time-off, employment or business trip, people need to apply for document attestation service while travelling abroad. Getting an attestation service done actually affirms the precision of the given documents/certificates, which are being issued by an authorised board or entity. These attested documents further help them during their stay, work or study in the visiting country.

A Divorce Certificate is basically needed to get rid of the previous relations officially and take a next go. People planning for second marriage need to get the Divorce Certificate attestation done before travelling abroad. During this attestation process, the given certificate is scrutinized by an authorised team validating the same by their signature and authoritative seal. On successful completion of this attestation service, applicants are further asked to submit it to the respective authority of the visiting nation.

The process of Divorce Certificate Attestation is done from the issued country of the certificate. For using this certificate in India, it has to get attested from the Home Department/Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MEA) and thereafter by the respective Embassy of the visiting country. Since this service comes under the Attestation of Personal Documents, it has to be carried out by following all the guidelines. To get this service done without hassle, applicants need to reach out to an authorised service provider in the said domain.

Prospective applicants in quest of any such service can reach out to BLS Attestation Services. This organisation is a division of BLS International Services, which is a trusted partner of the MEA, New Delhi that takes care of the entire administrative function of the attestation process. Over the years, BLS Attestation Services has incorporated several attestation centres across India including Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kochi, Kolkata, Gujarat and many other locations. To sustain its ongoing acknowledged service standards, the organisation employs a team of dedicated in-house support who are specialised in the given field of operations. All applications and documents are inspected here with equal amount of importance and priority. Not only this; the entire process is quite effortless, cost-effective and time bound.

While applying for a Divorce Certificate Attestation service, applicants need to provide several important documents to the service provider. Some of these documents include a passport copy, original certificate, recent photographs, authorisation letter and a visa copy. Besides availing an impeccable Divorce Certificate Attestation service, applicants can also get their various other service prerequisites done here with ease. Some of the additional services at BLS Attestation Services contain Translation Services, Courier services, SMS, Diplomatic Mission Attestation and State Attestation services.

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