Single Status Certificate Attestation Service in India

The need of Attestation/Apostille services is on rise today. Be it an Employment Visa, international trip or any corporate meet in a foreign territory, the applicants need to undergo an authentic process of Document Attestation. These documents may be personal, educational and commercial. Based upon the nature of documents, the attestation procedure also varies from time-to-time.

Attestation is basically a process of authenticating the genuineness of any documents that are being issued from a particular authority/board. Similar to the Attestation of a Marriage Certificate, getting a single status certificate attestation done is evenly an imperative ask for the bachelor individuals in the country. A single status certificate affirms a bachelor that he/she is permitted to have only one active marriage at one time abiding by the Indian regulations that govern marriages. Getting hold of an authentic single status certificate ensures that the certificate is bona fide and you won’t face any issue regarding your single status when you marry. Therefore, it is quite essential to get a single status certificate before marriage.

The Attestation of Indian Single Status Certificate is done from the respective authority like the Home Department/Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) of the issuing country and the respective Embassy of the visiting nation. To get a Single Status Certificate attested, an applicant needs to provide various documents like Visa Copy, Original Certificate, passport size photographs, Authorisation letter and a copy of his/her valid Passport.

If you are in the quest of any such services in India, get in touch with one of the authorised and reliable service provider, BLS Attestation Services. The organisation is a trusted partner of MEA, Delhi that manages the entire administrative function of the Attestation process. Not only Single Status Certificate Attestation; at BLS Attestation centers, applicants can also avail several other services pertaining to MEA Attestation, HRD Attestation, Attestation of Educational Documents, Translation, SMS, Courier services etc. The in-house attestation specialists at BLS are well-acquainted with the entire attestation process offering you a hassle-free service in no time and at affordable charges.

While applying for a Single Status Certificate Attestation, the detail information of the prospective applicants has to be accurate so that no legal discrepancy invites any unwanted peril during the attestation process. Some of the basic details to be provided by an applicant in this regard may include full name, name of the parents, address proof, place and date of birth, current age etc. To know more information on Single Status Certificate Attestation, its documents perquisites and fees, feel free to contact the Attestation specialists of BLS Attestation Services at the given contact details:

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