Russia Embassy Attestation

Are you looking for a Family Residence Visa in Russia or you wish to visit this sovereign country in Eurasia for higher studies? Be it any reason, the act of Embassy Attestation plays a pivotal role in legalizing the Indian originated documents intended to be used in Russia. In today’s business spheres, attestation is a buzz word, which signifies the act of authenticating the genuineness of the provided documents to get legalized from the Russian Embassy/Consulate in India. However, availing this service before flying to Russia is something that matters the most to travellers.

Taking the growing need of attestation into consideration, BLS Attestation Services, a trusted partner of MEA, New Delhi renders the Embassy Attestation service for both educational and non-academic documents. Educational documents are those documents that include all academic certificates pertinent to school certificate, mark sheet, school leaving certificate, degree/diploma certificate etc. On the other hand, non educational documents include various documents related to personal and commercial documents like; birth certificate, marriage certificate, single status certificate, origin, packing list, commercial invoice etc.

However, based on the purpose and type of document you wish to get attested, the procedure of attestation also differs. For example; attestation of educational documents needs to be done by the HRD (Human Resource Department) of the respective state. On the other hand, for non educational documents, attestation has to be done by the respective Home Department.

Applicants in quest of availing Russia Embassy Attestation in India can reach out to BLS Attestation Services, one of the acknowledged attestation service providers across India. The organisation is a trusted partner of MEA, Delhi, and it takes care of the administrative functions of entire attestation process. BLS Attestation is equipped with industry driven experts and state of the art facilities ensuring the applicants to avail impeccable services in the said provision.

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