Attestation of Diploma Certificate in India

Edification has various verticals today. Be it India or overseas, the count of students seeking higher studies is immense, and increasing at large. Travelling abroad for higher academic courses is an emerging trend these days. But do you know plenty of students are there who fall under the group called ‘Diploma Certificate Holders’? The holders of such certificates or diploma courses are evenly worth mentioning in current market scenarios.

It is true that not everyone walks the same life, and those who aspire to build their careers through some established diploma courses still lead their lives in style. Considering the growing urge in some career oriented diploma courses, many institutions have incorporated courses like Power Distribution Management, Instructional Design, Education Technology, Archives Keeping, Retail Management, Finance and Accounts, Promotive Healthcare, Chemo-Informatics, Tourism and Food & Beverage Services Management in their academic curriculums. But when we compare such diploma courses with full term degree courses, we find people from different spheres with different perspectives.

A diploma certificate is an educational document awarded to the students on successful completion of their short course of study. This certificate is issued by the educational institution/board/council or the university of the respective state or Union Territory. Students travelling abroad post diploma courses for career exposure, employment purpose or for further studies, they need to get their diploma certificate attested by the concerned authorities. This attested document is further submitted to the competent authorities of the visiting nation.

The term ‘Attestation’ signifies the act of authenticating the genuineness of the document issued by a particular entity/authority with its seal and signatures. Diploma certificate being a part of educational document, it has to be done from the issued country of the certificate. To use diploma certificate in India, the act of attestation should be done from the concerned HRD/MEA & corresponding Embassy of the visiting nation. Applicants seeking attestation service of diploma certificate in India need to submit certain essential documents. These documents include passport and visa copy, original certificate, all year mark sheet, SSC Certificate and HSC Certificate.

Considering the growing application counts of the applicants seeking diploma certificate attestation, several attestation agencies are also set up across India. To name a few in this list, BLS Attestation Services is an acknowledged player in the said provision. The organisation is a trusted partner of MEA, Delhi, which manages the administrative functions of entire attestation process. Equipped with deep/proven domain expertise and state-of-the-art infrastructure, BLS Attestation has different centers across major Indian cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kerala, Hyderabad and Kolkata. So if you are looking for diploma certificate attestation in India, reach out to this authorised and experts driven service provider.

Besides providing impeccable attestation and verification services, applicants can also avail some other services as well from BLS Attestation. Some of these hassle-free services include translation, SMS, courier service, embassy attestation, state attestation and much more.   

To know more information on diploma certificate attestation and its application process and fees, please visit us our website or feel free to get in touch with our attestation experts.

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