Employment Certificate Attestation in Trivandrum, Kerala

Attestation of Employment Certificate is a prerequisite for the applicants who wish to travel foreign countries for permanent migration, employment purpose, spouse migration or any other reasons. Under such cases, the applicant is asked by the relevant authority of the visiting country to submit an attested Employment Certificate. Submission of an attested Employment Certificate further legalizes the genuineness of the provided document issued from the respective states in India. During the verification, the seal and signature of the authorised body/department/entity and Company also get authenticated to avoid any perils and unwanted hassles during the process.

Any Experience and Employment Certificate, which is issued from India has to be attested from India only. To avail such services, applicants can reach out to any authorised service provider, attestation agency or a company. Applicants looking for such authentic and professional Employment Certificate Attestation service provider in Trivandrum, Kerala can approach to BLS Attestation Services. The organisation employs a team of dedicated attestation specialists who are well-acquainted with the entire processing of document attestation. To complete the attestation process of Employment Certificate, the document is first attested from the Home Department of the respective state. Thereafter, the certificate gets attested from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). Once done, the final attestation is carried out by the relevant Embassy of the visiting country.

BLS Attestation Services is a division of BLS International Services, which is a trusted partner of MEA, New Delhi. The organisation takes care of the entire administrative function of the attestation process for the prospective applicant. In Kerala center, applicants can also avail various other services pertaining to attestation like Personal Document Attestation, Commercial Document Attestation, Educational Document Attestation, Embassy Attestation etc. Besides rendering high-end attestation services, the Company also caters translation, SMS and courier service for the delivery of documents. All these services are provided here at absolutely affordable prices in a hassle-free manner.

To initiate the attestation process of an Experience and Employment Certificate, the prospective applicant will be asked to provide various documents like passport, Visa copy, recent photographs, authorised letter, original certificate etc. Not only may this, in case of requirements, applicants also be asked to provide some additional documents. Hence, one should be quite watchful while submitting the required documents for attestation purpose. Falling short of this practice or submission of any false documents will straightway impact the purpose of applicant’s visit to a foreign country.

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