MEA Attestation Services in New Delhi

With overseas expedition on rise today, the need of authentication of certain documents is also in demand. The number of overseas travellers from India is immense. Like the applicants of any other major destinations in Indian, the citizens of New Delhi also apply for various types of document attestation services while applying for their visas. Delhi being the capital city of India is in good connectivity with various International destinations; and plenty of travellers flock here from all across the globe.

Basically, document attestation is the process of affirming the correctness of a certificate or document issued from a particular body/entity/board. Attestation service may be of different types. One such imperative service is MEA (Ministry of External Affair) Attestation. This type of attestation authenticates the Indian originated certificates or documents required by the respective authority of the visiting country. Be it an academic trip or an employment visit, MEA Attestation is required to proof the genuineness of the provided documents.

MEA is an autonomous body that holds right to affirm the preciseness of a given document, which is being issued from India. The process includes the Apostille authentication from the Ministry of External Affairs and the Home Department Authentication from the respective state. However, prior to the MEA Attestation, the document has to be authenticated by the issuing authority of the respective states.

Applicants seeking MEA Attestation Services in Delhi can reach out to the BLS Attestation Services, which is an authorised service provider of all kind of Attestation/Apostille. Being a trusted partner of the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi, BLS Attestation Services take care of the administrative function of the attestation process. Over the years, the organisation has incorporated several attestation centers across India including Mumbai, Chennai, Kerala, Kolkata and Pune.

In order to render an immaculate attestation service, Delhi Attestation Centre involves a team of dedicated associates who are well-versed with carrying out the entire attestation process without hassle. The processing time for the same is 2-3 working days. Not only this, the attestation charges/fee is absolutely affordable here. Applicants in quest of availing the MEA Attestation Service in Delhi need to visit the center from Monday to Saturday (9.30AM to 6PM). However, the center remains closed on all Second and Fourth Saturdays of the month.

Besides being an acknowledged player in the said domain, BLS Attestation Services provides several other services as well. Some of the services in this list include Translation, SMS, Courier service etc.

To know more about MEA Attestation Services and its fees, feel free to get in touch with the Attestation specialists at the given contact details:


BLS MEA Attestation Application Center, New Delhi

910, Indraprakash building, 21, Barakhamba road, Near Connaught Place, New Delhi – 110001

Call center number: +91-9643109026, 8448790437, 8448790438, and 8448790436


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