Medical Certificate Attestation Service in Bangalore

Attestation of Personal Document is an urge today for visa applicants. Personal documents are basically those documents that officially represent the personal information of an individual on a certificate such as; Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Death Certificate, Employment Certificate, Single Certificate etc. All these certificates serve distinguished purposes while travelling abroad. Personal Documents Attestation further authenticates the correctness of the provided certificate to the respective authorities of a visiting country.

Keeping in mind the growing numbers of Indian travellers from India, several attestation service providers have been incorporated across the country. One such important service provider in the said field is BLS Attestation Services in Bangalore. BLS Attestation Services is a trusted partner of the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), New Delhi, which takes care of the administrative function of the Attestation process. At Bangalore Attestation center, prospective applicants can avail al kind of Digital Attestation Services.

Anyone looking for Medical Certificate Attestation Services in Bangalore can reach out to the BLS Attestation centre at Lady Curzon Road (Shivaji Nagar), Bangalore. Before you get your Medical Certificate Attestation need done, let’s have a quick comprehension about the concept of Medical Certificate Attestation.

A Medical Certificate Attestation is actually an act of authenticating the certificate, which is issued by a particular entity/department/board/authority with their official seal and signature. This attestation also affirms the genuineness of the certificate as well as the precision of the issuing authority. The entire procedure is to be practiced in a medical document for the use of it in the visiting country. In India, the Medical Certificate Attestation is done from the respective Home Department/MEA and corresponding Embassy of the visiting country. Attestation of a Medical Certificate comes under Personal Document Attestation.

While applying for Medical Certificate Attestation, an applicant needs to provide some of the essential documents like Original Certificate, Copy of Passport, Authorisation Letter, Photographs and Visa Copy. Once the processing of attestation takes place, applicants are notified either through e-mail or SMS on their registered contact number.

Besides rendering the Medical Certificate Attestation service, BLS Attestation Services, Bangalore also provide several other services including MEA Attestation, Translation Services, SMS, Courier Delivery, State Attestation (Home Department/Education Department), Diplomatic Mission Attestation (Embassies /High Commissions /Consulates) etc.

To cater an unmatched attestation service, the organisation employs a dedicated in-house supports who are well-versed with the entire processing information and documentation of Attestation/Apostille. They administer all the documents received from an applicant with equal priority before further processing. The attestation service charge at BLS Bangalore center is also quite affordable.  So anyone in quest of availing an authorised Medical Certificate Attestation service in Bangalore, look no further than BLS Attestation Services.

Note: The processing time of Attestation Application here is from 10AM to 6PM (Monday to Saturday).

To get more information about all kind of Attestation/ Apostille services in the city, get in touch with the attestation specialists of BLS at the given contact details:

Contact Us: (M):+91 88845 03470


BLS International Services Ltd Bangalore
Unit no: 207, 2nd floor
Curzon Square # 24 (Opp. SBM Treasury Bank), Lady Curzon Road, Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore – 560001

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