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Philippine Documents Attestation
Commercial Document attestation
Approved by the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi, Embassy of Qatar in India & Embassy of UAE in India

BLS provides Attestation and Apostille service in UK for personal (degrees and diplomas; birth, marriage and death certificates; powers of attorneys; passports; police checks; and documents from the courts, HMRC or the Home Office) and corporate (constitutional documents; certificates of good standing; registers of officers' agreements; and financial statements) documents.

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All other foreign Languages to English in UAE

All other foreign Languages to English in UAE

BLS provides translation to all foreign languages to English. We have a highly qualified translators who can expertly translate any content, be it written/official documents.

We provide legal and normal translation of all type of documents based on the requirements.

Any documents in foreign languages that needs a legal or normal translation in English for the use of Government services /other services can be done through BLS Document Services.

With our expertise, it benefits our clientsfrom accurately translated content, regardless of subject, complexity, technicality, or scope.

All kinds of Educational and Non- Educational Documents should be having all the necessary attestation before we can provide legal translations

Requirements for Legal Translation:

  • The content of documents that needs to be translated (Original or Email soft copy)
  • Passport copy of the applicants as the supporting documents

List of languages translated into English

  • Translation from French to English
  • Translation from German to English
  • Translation from Italian to English
  • Translation from Spanish to English
  • Translation from Russian to English
  • Translation from Ukrainian, Konkani,
  • Translation from Romanian to English
  • Translation from Turkish to English
  • Translation from Swedish to English
  • Translation from Danish to English
  • Translation from Bulgarian to English
  • Translation from Finnish to English
  • Translation from Norwegian to English

Note: We also provide English to above listed languages.

Disclaimer: BLS are responsible for the typing services. Applications can be retyped only once if the error was done by BLS staff. Fee once submitted is non-refundable as the fee is for the application typing and is not applicable for the application processing. For recent updates visit our websites.