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Malaysia eVisa in UAE

Malaysia eVisa in UAE

Malaysia eVisa in UAE is an electronic visa for foreign nationals who would like to enter Malaysia on tourist for a maximum of 30 days. Application of Malaysia eVisa in UAE can be obtained by completing the online form with all the personal information, travel details, passport details & some security questions. The approved Malaysia eVisa in UAE can be used for multiple entry and for tourism purpose only. Malaysia eVisa in UAE is valid within a month from the intended date of entry Indicated during the application. Malaysia eVisa holder are not allowed to work in Malaysia.

Malaysia eVisa Typing Service in Dubai

Malaysia had launched an electronic visa which makes it easier to the public to travel to Malaysia. You don't need to go to the Malaysia embassy or Consulate for the visa application. BLS Document Services can assist you in doing your online application typing form for the Malaysia eVisa in UAE by bringing all essential documents required in our center.

Eligibility Criteria for Malaysia eVisa in UAE :

  • Passport should include not less than 2 free pages.
  • Passport should not be damaged and should not include unofficial remarks
  • Passports must be valid for at least six (6) months at the time of arrival in Malaysia.
  • If the visa expires before use by the applicant, the sponsor must apply again, and another fee must be paid.
  • E-visa government fee for Malaysia depends on their nationalities.

Following are the countries who are non-residence of GCC Countries eligible for Malaysia eVisa

The following nationalities can apply for an eVISA worldwide except Malaysia, Singapore, and Israel:

  • China
  • India
  • Bangladesh
  • Nepal
  • Myanmar
  • Sri Lankan
  • Pakistan
  • Bhutan
  • Serbia
  • Montenegro

Procedure in applying for Malaysia eVisa in UAE

  • Fill out your online application form for Malaysia eVisa in UAE.
  • All information provided in the online application form for Malaysia eVisa should match exactly as per your passport.
  • Once the online application form was submitted, all the Malaysia eVisa notification and updates will be sent via email.
  • The Malaysia eVisa processing time is within 24 hours (except Friday, Saturday & holidays in Malaysia). However some applications may take longer up to three (3) business days upon completion of the Malaysia eVisa application form.
  • In order to complete this Malaysia eVisa application form, candidates must have a valid passport and email address.
  • Please note that all fact-based information like first and last names, place and date of birth, address, sex, passport number and nationality should appear exactly the same as the passport.
  • BLS Document Services can help you in filling out your online application form for Malaysia eVisa in Dubai.
  • Applicant must apply for the Malaysia eVisa at least 2 weeks prior to their departure to Malaysia.

Requirements for Malaysia eVisa form filling:

  • Recent passport sized photo
  • Passport front page
  • Confirmed Return flight booking
  • Travel itinerary
  • Hotel Reservation / Proof of accommodation
  • Birth certificate for minors (if applicable)
  • Other documentation depending on applicant's country
  • Cover letter is required in case you will be staying with friends or relative. The letter must include the following information's: Addressed to the immigration officer, name & address or friend/relative, scanned ID's of them, name & passport number and date of travel.

Disclaimer: Evisa Fee once submitted is non-refundable as the fee is for the processing the application and is not depending on either granted or rejected, If evisa is rejected typist or typing center will not be held responsible.

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