Attestation of Chartered Accountant Certificate in India

The demand of Chartered Accountant (CA) is in rise today all across the world and in all business spheres. Holding a Chartered Accountant Certificate sets an individual apart from other traditional business training and accounting practices. A Chartered Accountant Degree Certificate is basically a document affirming the certificate holder the fact that he/she is an authorised member of the ICAI Institute and its fraternity.

With presence of quality institutes providing this certification course has increased the number of Chartered Accountants in the country to a great extent. As a result, the quality professionals in the said filed often gain good professional exposures globally. In order to avail such global opportunities, the Chartered Accountants need to get their Chartered Accountant Degree Certificate attested from a reliable source. This is where the need of a professional Attestation service provider comes into existence.

Basically attestation is the process of authenticating a document or certificate, which is issued by a particular entity/board/authority/ department using its seal and signature. When we talk about Document Attestation, it includes various types of documents such as; Educational Document, Personal Documents and Commercial Documents. Attestation of Educational Documents includes Degree Certificate, mark sheet, Engineering and MBBS Certificates, PG Degree Certificate etc. Likewise, Personal Documents attestation also includes various documents like Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Death Certificate etc. On the other hand, Attestation of Commercial Documents contains various documents like Packaging List, Power of Attorney Certificate, Export Invoice and Certificate of Origin.

The Chartered Accountant Certificates is an Educational document, and attestation of such certificate validates the genuineness of the document, which is being issued by a particular entity/board/authority/department using their official seal and signature on the certificate. Attestation of a Chartered Accountant Degree Certificate can be done from the issuing country of the certificate. In India, to get a Chartered Accountant Degree Certificate attested it should first get done from the respective Human Resource Department (HRD)/Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) and corresponding Embassy of the visiting country. Applicants willing to get their Chartered Accountant Degree Certificates attested need to submit certain documents including a passport copy, original certificate, visa Copy, HSC Certificate, Degree copy, SSC Certificate and mark sheet all year.

In India, applicants seeking an authorised service provider in the said field can approach to BLS Attestation Services, which is a division of BLS International Services Ltd. and a trusted partner of the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi that takes care of the administrative function of the Attestation process. BLS Attestation Services has its multiple operational wings across major Indian cities including New Delhi, Kolkata, Kerala, Gujarat, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Chandigarh and many other destinations. In order to render an impeccable attestation service, the organisation employs a dedicated team of attestation experts.

Besides catering an unmatched Chartered Accountant Certificates Attestation service, BLS specialises on several other services pertaining to translation, courier service, SMS service etc. If you are in quest of availing any kind of Document Attestation/Apostille services in any of the above cited locations in India, feel free to get in touch with the attestation specialists at the given contact details:

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