MBBS Certificate Attestation in India

The act of attestation is picking up its pace across different business verticals pertinent to visa and passport. Ranging from family visa to employment visa, and even during an academic visit to a foreign territory, attestation plays a pivotal role today in authenticating an issued document certified by the authorized signatory/department/person.

Like personal documentation, practising the act of attestation for educational documents is evenly imperative. And considering the volume of application counts for the Attestation of MBBS Certificate, various service providers have joined the business at large. In today’s business scenarios, a large number of medical students aspire to travel foreign countries for pursuing their higher studies in the said provision. This is where the need of getting their medical certificates attested comes into existence.

The practice of MBBS degree certificate attestation in India is followed to ensure that the seal and signature used on the document is genuine, and the same has been certified and affirmed by the concerned authority. Being an educational document, the process of MBBS degree certificate attestation contains three phases wherein; first the document needs to get validated from the concerned State HRD. Thereafter, the same gets attested from the MEA; and finally, the process is carried out from the corresponding Embassy of the visiting nation.

Prospective applicants seeking to get their MBBS Certificate attested need to submit certain essential documents. These documents include; original certificate, passport copy, visa copy, degree copy, mark sheet all year, HSC and SSC certificate. Further, these documents are sent to the concerned authority for their needful intervention to complete the process of verification. Having said the growing numbers of service providers in India, applicants need to be observant while reaching out to any of the agencies. In this context, BLS Attestation Services is one such acknowledged player in the said provision.

The cited organisation is a division of BLS International, and it is a trusted partner of MEA, Delhi that manages the administrative functions of entire attestation process. Keeping in mind the significance of attestation service, BLS Attestation has been equipped with domain expertise and state-of-the-art infrastructure. In addition, to make its services accessible to various applicants, the organisation has also incorporated several attestation centres across India. Document attestation being one of the key service attributes of the organisation, applicants can also avail some additional services from the organisation as well. Some of these effective additional services contain; SMS, Courier, Embassy Attestation, Translation services and State Attestation.

So if you are planning to give wings to your career in the field of medical science, and need attestation service, reach out to BLS Attestation Services. To know more information about the application procedure of MBBS Certificate Attestation in India, feel free to visit our website and contact our attestation experts.

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