Medical Certificate Attestation Services in India

Requirement of certificate attestation is on rise today. People travelling abroad are in need of getting their document attestation process done without a hassle. This is where an authorised attestation service provider comes into existence.

Documents attestation may be of various types like; attestation of educational documents, attestation of personal documents and attestation of commercial documents. Educational documents attestation process involves all the documents pertaining to mark sheet, degree/diploma certificates and all. On the other hand, personal documents are basically the documents affirming an applicant’s personal information. For example; marriage certificate, birth certificate, employment certificate etc. Similar to personal and educational document attestation, commercial attestation is also an imperative part of attestation that includes the documents like certificate of origin, packing list, commercial invoice etc. Depending on the type of documents you wish to get attested, the prerequisites will also vary. Having discussed the types of document attestation, let’s comprehend the significance of attestation in particular:

The term Attestation is a practice of authenticating the genuineness of a document or certificate, which is issued by a particular authority using its seal and signature. Depending on the purpose of visiting a foreign territory the attestation process also varies. In this post, we will lay emphasis on one of the important types of personal document attestation process i.e. Medical Certificate Attestation. All the foreign countries need an authorised medical certificate to avoid any future complications caused by use of fake medical certificates.

For prospective applicants, legalization procedure to be practiced in a Medical Document is for its use in foreign territories. Indian Medical Certificate Attestation can be done from the issued country of the certificate. For using the certificate in India, it has to get attested from concerned Home Department/MEA & corresponding Embassy of the visiting country.

If you are looking for Medical Certificate Attestation services in India, look no further than BLS Attestation Services, which is a trusted partner of the MEA, New Delhi that manages the entire administrative functions of the Attestation process. Over the years the organisation has incorporated various attestation centres across India including Mumbai, Kochi, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Gujarat and Bangalore. The entire attestation process at BLS takes place in an effective manner at absolutely affordable charges. Besides, to render such impeccable attestation services to the applicants the organisation also employs a dedicated team of attestation specialists.

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